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Where Ya From? Podcast

Where Ya From? explores the intersection of faith & culture, sharing inspiring stories of guests whose personal experiences led them to impactful work. Join us to build empathy and understanding through engaging conversations.

The Origins of a Humble Beast with Propaganda

Propaganda knows what it’s like to find yourself at a crossroads. Growing up in a predominantly Latino community in Los Angeles as one of the only Black kids had its challenges, but it set the stage for Prop to discover the cultural diversity and beauty God’s creation has to offer. God continues to write Prop’s story to show the connection between us and how we are called to a greater community.

Between Two Worlds with Vivian Mabuni

What, or who, defines your identity? Chinese-American Vivian Mabuni understands what it’s like to always feel on the outside. While painful to deal with, God used Viv’s reality of being different from most people around her to shape her heart for ministry and become a powerful voice for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Would Jesus Eat Frybread? with Renee Begay

Have you ever questioned where you truly belong? In this episode of the VOICES Where Ya From? podcast, Renee Begay shares her beautiful journey reconciling her Zuni identify with her Christian faith.

What Had Happened Was with Chaz Smith

Do you ever feel unsure of what your calling is in life? In this episode of the VOICES Where Ya From? podcast, well-known comedian and content creator Chaz Smith shares his journey of living out his purpose by following God’s direction.
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Juneteenth Resources

The story of Juneteenth highlights how hope has endured from 1865 to today. In doing so, it paints an important picture of God’s redemptive freedom for the discouraged and hopeful, Black and White, skeptics and saints.

Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom Documentary

Watch the award-winning documentary from Our Daily Bread Media that tells the story of Juneteenth and highlights how hope has endured from 1865 to the present.
Juneteenth Faith & Freedom Documentary Cover
Freedom for All Devotionals Booklet

Freedom for All Devotionals

Learn about Juneteenth’s deep faith roots and be encouraged by God’s message of liberation for all with this Our Daily Bread Special Edition devotional.
Juneteenth Soundtrack Cover

Juneteenth Documentary Soundtrack

Celebrate the struggles, triumphs, and faith of Black Americans past and present with powerful music from Lecrae, Sho Baraka, Lucius Hoskins, and more.
Where Ya From Juneteenth Episode Cover Image

Where Ya From? Juneteenth Episode

The award-winning director of Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom, explains how his tale led him to understand that people need to see stories that reflect real life.
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VOICES Collection

For centuries, we have fought to be seen, heard, and known, but the Lord has always been there. VOICES amplifies the strengths, struggles, and courageous faith of Black image bearers of God.

Navigating the Blues

Struggling with anxiety or depression? In Navigating the Blues, award-winning author Katara Washington Patton shares her own mental health journey while offering hope through practical instruction and godly wisdom.
Navigating the Blues Book Cover
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