The Story —

Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom

The story of Juneteenth highlights how hope has endured from 1865 to today. In doing so, it paints an important picture of freedom and the redemptive suffering for the discouraged and hopeful, Black and White, skeptics and saints, and all of us.

Watch the entire PBS-featured Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom here!

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack —

Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom Soundtrack

Music is a central part of any celebration! Experience the Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom Deluxe soundtrack featuring hip hop, gospel, R&B and spoken word poetry. Grammy Award-winning artist Lecrae Moore, Propaganda, Sho Baraka, and the Poet Laureate of San Antonio, Andrea ‘Vocab’ Sanderson, and others are featured in this uplifting album.
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Where Ya From? Podcast

Listen to a special edition podcast where the host of the Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom film interviews the director. Hear why Juneteenth is so meaningful for award-winning filmmaker and University of Texas Film professor, Ya’Ke Smith. 

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