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VOICES is a catalyst for change, and our mission is to uplift and inspire all. The work we do and the contributors behind it all are changing lives.
The Vision —

A Catalyst for Change

VOICES envisions a world where the transformative narratives of Black image bearers, filled with redemption, resilience, and hope, resound. Through diverse mediums such as books, devotional articles, podcasts, films, and beyond, we passionately amplify the profound stories that showcase Black dignity.
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The Mission —

To Uplift & Inspire All

Our Daily Bread Ministries launched VOICES in 2018 with a mission to pursue its passion for equity and diversity. Our primary focus lies in serving and uplifting people of African descent, valuing their unique perspectives and experiences. Through a diverse range of mediums, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality and meaningful content.
Our People —

Meet the Team

The VOICES team represents a diverse group of contributors whose works are changing lives.
Katara Washington Patton Headshot

Katara Washington Patton

Author, Executive Editor at VOICES & Our Daily Bread Ministries
Rasool Berry Headshot

Rasool Berry

Teaching Pastor at The Bridge Church, Director of Partnerships & Content Development at Our Daily Bread Ministries
Jan Spivey Glichrist Headshot

Jan Spivey Glichrist

Award-Winning Illustrator
Dr Carey Latimore IV Headshot

Dr. Carey Latimore IV

Professor, Pastor, Author
Debbye Turner Bell Headshot

Debbye Turner Bell

Author, Minister, Business Leader, Journalist
Rev. Noel Hutchinson Headshot

Rev. Noel Hutchinson

Pastor, Writer, Missions Director
Ekemini Uwan Headshot

Ekemini Uwan

Theologian, Writer, Podcast Host
Ambassador Suzan Cook Headshot

Ambassador Suzan Cook

Author, Pastor, Former US Presidential Advisor
Joyce Dinkins Headshot

Joyce Dinkins

Writer, Editor
Chriscynethia Floyd Headshot

Chriscynethia Floyd

Vice President of Publishing at Our Daily Bread Ministries
YaKe Smith Headshot

Ya’Ke Smith

Filmmaker, Professor
Sho Baraka Headshot

Sho Baraka

Artist, Author
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